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23 February 2016

Great picture hugh - thanks so much.
How'd you get all the edges parallel from such close range?

Dai Prichard
12 November 2015

Hi Hugh,
Thank you again for the shoot, we love what came out! 

all best,
Noot )

15 September 2015

Dear Hugh,
Many thanks for coming in this morning. The photographs are wonderful.

Thank you again for all your work and help, and yes, I do hope we will keep in contact.

All good wishes,

Henrietta Ryan Garrick Club
28 07 2015


I am just now writing my report to my institution about the conference at the Rijks and was currently writing about your workshop, which was great.  That reminded me, you said you would send us the 360 portrait of my group and I just wanted to follow up on that.  I believe I was in the second slot on the first day – Will Michels.



Will Michaels, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
28 05 2015

Dear Hugh
Many thanks for the images.  They have arrived safe and well and are a great size.  Fantastic. 

Many Thanks


Veronica Jones Bankside Gallery
22 April 2015

Dear Hugh,

Thank you very much for your mail.

Just now, a few minutes ago I discovered your wonderful pictures and the two brochures. They had been put in my office, but in a place, where I would never look. In other words, they had been here practically all the time, but ‚hiding‘. I am very happy to see them, very beautiful. Thank you very much.

Cordially yours,

Dedo Weigert
27 March 2015

Hi, Hugh

Payment for the prints has been made to you today. Signing and delivery to commence (white gloves and all) this weekend!  Thanks for a beautiful job.
Margo x

Margo R
10 10 2014

So smooth was the operation that I was making coffee at the time and didn't even notice it had happened!! They are simply wonderful - warm, engaging, characterful. Really beautiful portraits. Thank you so very much Hugh

Geoggrey Matthews
15 09 14

No one could quite believe the quality of the print they got on Sunday, after chapel at Knole. They look so good, and taking the background colour across the border makes a lot of difference. And all beautifully trimmed, and interleaved, and lovely! Thank you very much. I have another £100 for you: I hope we will see you soon.

Love from us all,  Simon

Simon Rendall
17 06 2014

Hi Hugh,
just seen the pics and they look really great so thank you. If you could invoice Harper Deyong that would be great, I think you have my details.

I m going to get the pieces collected tomorrow by Flight Logistics. Do you have some wrapping for them?


Jon Harper Deyong
13 march 2014

You're  a legend thank you! 

Chloë Faine, Administrative Director Coriander Studio
8 Feb 2014

Dear Hugh,

I've just had a quick look.  It looks terrific.  Thank you soooo much.  You're a star.  In a rush.  car has died.  Life goes tits up sometimes.


Kate Gwynn
21 10 2013

Darling-----it looks perfect, you have done a magnificent job, many thanks. Just have to hope it sells well then we can celebrate with a new frame

pattie xxx

Pattie Boyd
20 September 2013

The top image of Angus is incredible!!!
I think the image of Bonnie is still a little blue and saturated, if Hugh has time to do anything more it would be great, but otherwise he is a master genius!!! Love him!!

Hannah Shardar
28 08 2013

Things are going swimmingly here in san Fran...I will send you an ad they are putting in a local mag...the Americans are so professional and the gallery guys fun to work with...

They have re-named the show by my subtitle for Hanging Out (An Affectionate Archive). I think it works really well and carries a bit more 'weight' in print...

Are you meeting up with Hannah this Thursday? If not, can we come and see you next Thursday? I will have another print order for you now that I have seen what SFAE thinks will sell.

We can also talk about the archive then....let me know how your schedule is please...

Everyone LOVES your prints of M and R with the red balloons, Mick with sunglasses, Neil in the car, and Bonnie!


Carinthia West
9 Aug 2013

Prints arrived safely (excellent wrapping!)> They look great and I like the
keyline too.

Hope we might get a few more orders on the back of these.

Hope all well

Best A

Alasdair Hileary
30 april 2013

Dear Jack, Hugh is beyond explanation and an expert on London.

love to you both.

Sam Chermayeff
September 2012

Just a short note to thank you very much for such fine quality.

Best KC

Keith Collie
15 February 2016

Hello Hugh

The photos of the illustrations are perfect, thank you.

Will settle by return.

See you later.

Paul Hamilton
3 November 2015

Amazing ! Thank you so much sweetheart xx

Mckechnie Sam
04 September 2015

Hi there Hugh and thanks ever so much for the great photo record of our ditches here.

Viv xx

Tony and Vivien Whitbread
16 07 2015

Dear All

You've not all met, but thanks to your various pieces of amazing help today we have just published the Chelsea Arts Club 'Present to the Future' brochure and animation. Thank you all so much for your kindness and patience, particularly in the last fraught three days!

Very particular thanks to Dan (and Rob and Joe) for the amazing animation and to Simon for the truly wonderful brochure; and a special shout out to Hugh, Stephen and Sarah who all rode to the rescue in various ways in the last 12 hours.

I'll be in touch with Rob and Simon again on Monday re a few tiny tweaks (and printing in Simon's case) but in the meantime, as I say, a thousand thanks to you all.

All very best


Geoffrey Matthews Chelsea Arts Club
21 05 2015

Many thanks for this Hugh.
And thank you again for a great workshop,

Susan Petigrew
25 April 2015

Hugh,  thank you so much.  The images are beautiful!  We have listed them and shall work on them this afternoon.  J&J.

02 February 2015

Brilliant! All in and working many thanks!

Alasdair Hilleary, Loon Cartoons
09 10 2014

Dear Hugh
Many thanks indeed.  They look great. Cheers

John Eagle Painter
09 10 2014

Dear Hugh
Many thanks indeed.  They look great. Cheers

John Eagle Painter
10 09 2014

Thank you for Tom

Annabel Jankel
23 March 2014

Dear Hugh,

A million thanks for all the work you did last week. Johnny is delighted with the new high res.

Would it be possible to send me a folder with all the Holland Park pix (Mick and me) in it together. Just a low res version for me.

I want to keep them separate from the others.

In Shropshire. back late Tuesday. xx

Carinthia West
26 February 2014

Wunderbar, wunderbar. Du bist ein Ubermensch!

Robert Eagle
07 Feb 2014

In haste - 
Great stuff. Pending Vimeo, I’ve downloaded from WeTransfer and it looks good on my big plasma screen too. Can’t wait to see the blue one.

thanks and best, 

Robert Eagle
02 10 2013

What a brilliant photo !
Shows EVERY detail !!

Many thanks
Caroline XX

ps who did you tell me had a photo of it outside the club above the door ?

Caroline Sykes
17 09 2013

Hi Hugh

First print just arrived, it looks perfect. Great quality, identical to the first edition. 
Thanks for doing it so promptly. 

I have also received the large images via web transfer. Not being very skilful in matters of IT I will have to wait for my partner to show me how to access it. I look forward to it. 

Thanks for everything 

All the best


Chris Green
22 08 2013

Dear Hugh,

I managed to download the TIFF. Excellent quality. Thank you.

All thanks,

Jonny Pelham
19 June 2013

Dear Hugh,
The Photographs are Absolutley Fantastic to the point that I did not think that I had painted the pictures.....!!!!! Many many Thanks.....i will be setting the new WebSite Girl into action and realy looking forward to this project......(& the idea of web log...)
It was great Fun having You down here......Much better than talking to Molly and Ralphino...........!!!!
See You at The Party....etc...etc......Should be a lark...!
All Best for Now,
J.P x

Julian Paltenghi
5 April 2013

Thanks for that Hugh,
It was good to see you and thank you for doing such good photos - sorry I was in a bit of a rush.  See you soon.

Georgina Barclay
25 April 2012
My Image
Lucy Makin
18 January 2015

Dear Hugh,
Happy new year!

Thank you for doing such a lovely job with the Red Shoes print. I am very happy with how it came out.

About another painting

It's probably best you re-shoot the painting, so that would need to be added to the quote(s).

I have a professionally-shot TIF and JPG, but I know you could do a much better job, and I imagine you'd be happier working from your own shots (is "shots" the correct lingo?)

Nicholas Grainger Taylor
29 October 2015

Hi Hugh
Just a note of thanks for yesterday’s shoot of Lynne “Moss”  - got some really great ones in there and she’s genuinely pleased with the results.

Chris Worth
14 08 2015

I shall see you on Monday, and I can't tell you how much I admire what you're doing for us. The Chairman is coming in on Tuesday, so I shall introduce you to him.

William Packer
23 06 2015

Dear Hugh,
Thank you for the images, they are super!

All the best,

Costanza The Garrick Club
20 05 2015

I have just been looking at your lovely Panoramas of Artists studio’s, a really fantastic way of placing people in the context of their work!
I’ll look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

Susan Petigrew
09 April 2015

That looks great thanks Hugh. Enjoy your trip. Hopefully see you at the show. More info is here if you need it.


ps thanks again for poping the print to the club :)

Emma Hopkins
30 January 2015

You are a star … and a very twinkly, bright star at that!

Thanks Hugh!

Jo Rochard Messums
04 12 2014

Hi Hugh,

Thanks again for today, it's been so useful. I have attached two of our scans from today, the first full programme I scanned in low-res, one low-res photo and one from this afternoon. 

Very best,


Chelsea Arts Club Archives
08 10 2014

Thank you so much for that picture! It's already up and fits perfectly on the wall!

Alex Chamberlin
07 08 2014

Hi Hugh,

thanks for this - looks superb!!

Kind regards


Jon Harper, Harper Deyong
17 march 2014

OMG they are BRILLIANT !
I will show them to Jeremy this afternoon and we will chose a few !
Thanks so much !

xx melinda

Melinda hughes
10 february 2014

Well done again, Hugh. The more I look at these pictures, the more they impress, enhanced in no small measure by your masterly editing.

Robert Eagle
02 february 2014

Hi Hugh
Slight delay opening the images, had to use high powered technology elsewhere to unlock it and so forth….
As usual they're excellent. Really good job.
Thanks so much. Especially appreciate you joining them all together as well for no extra charge
All the best

Chris Green
27 September 2013

Dear Hugh

I collected the prints from the delivery centre today.
They are in perfect condition, very well packaged. The border size is just right.

I am transferring the money to your account this evening. Hope that's all fine.

I would definitely be interested in talking to an artist's agent. Thank you - very kind of you

All the best,  Chris

Chris Green
17 09 2013

Dear Bella and Hugh, 

Liz has forwarded me the wonderful pictures of Basil's new paintings. I was wondering whether you had any very high res images of these new works as would be interested in potentially using one of these for the poster,  'Step Up On' would be really lovely to use.  If you could let me know if a high res version of this is available that would be great. Our designer is working on designs currently. 

Best wishes, 


Ella Lewis-Collins
16 August 2013

You are an angel Hugh! And fabulous! And FAST!!!

It's ferier time so we went to a bullfight last night. Extraordinary. Public torment, torture and execution of 6 bulls. I'm still very conflicted about that but I couldn't take my eyes off the action. I wish I had a better camera sometimes.

See you soon…



Jamie McCartney
18 June 2013

Hugh, I collected the print yesterday. It's superb, an excellent job. Thanks a lot.
I'm transferring the money to your bank today.
I am exhibiting the original drawing over the summer. With a bit of luck I'll get a few orders for prints. Can I assume that roughly £80 will be your charge per print?
All the best, Chris

Chris Green
18 March 2013

Dear Hugh
with may thanks for a PERFECT JOB
see you soon
lots of love

Lucy (hills)

Lucy Hills
05 August 2011

Disc arrived this morning, thank you. You did a great job in restoring those murky 40-year-old transparencies.

5 January 2016

Greetings Hugh
Thanks for being so wonderful to work with- everyone loves the prints!

Anne Smith
29 October 2015

Dear Hugh,
Thank you indeed. A new experience to add to my life's portfolio of memories!

Olly - many thanks for "fluffing-up."

With kind regards,


Lynne Chang
3 August 2015

Yes Hugh that looks pretty good on my screen  and very true to colour as well. Well done. Sorry about making a meal of it. However I have learnt about the neutral grey and outside  lighting. I think the kodak colour patch I used was  somewhat faded and old so yanking it was probably the right thing to do.

Perfect job done thanks  very much again. I owe you a drink !


Neil Bally
10 06 2015

Thanks so much Hugh - that’s absolutely fantastic - beautiful light!

Please could you send a hi-res to Simon Rendall for possible Yearbook consideration.

Thanks again

Mark xxx

Mark Wood
20 05 2015

2&3D Conference Workshop, Rijksmuseum

Dear Hugh
I really enjoyed attending your workshop at the conference last month, and I am hoping to make some panoramas of my own in the coming months. Would it be possible to get a copy of the photo you made of our group? I was in the 2nd session on the Wednesday.

Susan Petigrew
8 April 2015

WOW Hugh the gerri and looking down series looks really great, I love the background colour.

Emma Hopkins
28 January 2015

Paul Arden’s Diary photographs


Nick Sutherland-Dodd ASD Lionheart
29 November 2014

I picked up the photographs last night. Thank you so much for a fine job. I have left my new little book of verse in your pigeon hole by way of a thank you. 

Roger McGough
25 September 2014

What a very efficient service you run

Richard Foster
19 06 2014

Last Night at Royal Holloway - thanks Boys!! xx

Love the two prints you did. A million thanks

Carinthia West
14 March 2014

Dear Hugh

The photos are brilliant

Melinda Huges and Jeremy Limb
9 Feb 2014

Oh, Hugh .....it made me cry! Beautiful.  Bless you. xk

Kate Gwynn
22 Oct 2013

What an impeccable service you run, Mr G. How about tomorrow - may I come to Gwynne Rd to pick em up? About 12 ish suit you, just to run thru sizes & tell you what's to come. SX.

Steve Thomas
17 09 2013

Liz has forwarded me the wonderful pictures of Basil's new paintings. I was wondering whether you had any very high res images of these new works as would be interested in potentially using one of these for the poster,  'Step Up On' would be really lovely to use.  If you could let me know if a high res version of this is available that would be great. Our designer is working on designs currently. 

Best wishes, 


Ella Lewis-Collins Jerwood Gallery
9 Sep 2013

Thank you very much!!!

I am absolutely thrilled!!!!

I have been uh-ing and ah-ing with every new photograph that opened - wish you could have heard me.

May I come over on Thursday?
Tomorrow a few more paintings are being picked up from the studio, so I have to be there rather early.

See you soon!

All good wishes,

Clarissa x

Clarissa James
16 08 2013

Dear Hugh,

Thanks so much for sending the high res Beattie images - they are super. 


Ella Lewis-Collins Jerwood Gallery
02 05 2013

Hugh, thanks for this.
Your images look very good.
Thanks for your help.
All the best

Hugh Temest Redford
18 March 2013

Dear Hugh
Firstly I am delighted with the Archers prints - can you please confirm the cost to me in varying quantities of making up the edition of prints.

Thanks so much

Alasdair Hileary
27 September 2012

Dear Hugh,
I'm so pleased with the prints, especially those that took some time to get colour-right, but now they are spot on.
Regarding the 'Earth from Space' one, done from old colour tranny, looking at other 'red border' ones, I think the white bloom is actually light reflection on the glaze.  So I'd be grateful if you would do two more large ones, size height 35cm, with the red cleaned up somewhat.
I shall be at the club tonight around 6-7.30 and again Sunday evening, possibly on Saturday too (can't keep me away!). Or could pop round to your studio, whatever suits you.
Again many thanks for superb prints!